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Early versions in medieval textual traditions. Wolfram’s Parzival as a test case

John L. Science Feb 25; , pp. Cisne, Robert M. Ziomkowski, Steven J.

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Studia Monographica

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In Dating Egyptian literary texts: Göttingen, june ,. Volume 1, Lingua Aegyptia Studia Monographica 11, ed. Gerald Moers, Kai.

Labirint Ozon. The study addresses the dating of Middle Egyptian literary texts from the perspective that has merited the least attention so far, language. In the case of Middle Egyptian literary texts, the major strategy for dating consists in studying phenomena of written innovation and obsolescence in relevant registers in order to define upper and lower temporal bounds for a composition to be dated. In a complementary approach, not indexed on linguistic change, distinctive linguistic repertoires and phenomena of linguistic re-composition are directly targeted.

Implications that spring from the proposed datings are outlined with a view on how these could affect the discussion of the cultural functions and of the historical development of Middle Egyptian literature. Beyond dating, the book is more broadly a study of the language of Middle Egyptian literature, of differences internal to this tradition, and of how it productively relates to other written discourses on linguistic levels as much as on semantic ones.

Gerald Moers.

Linguistic dating of the Netherworld Books attested in the New Kingdom. A critical review

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In the case of Middle Egyptian literary texts, the major strategy for dating consists in texts, Andréas Stauder Göttingen, 9 – 12 June / ed. by Gerald Moers.

Dating Egyptian Literary Texts. Lingua Aegyptia, Studia Monographica, vol. Hamburg: Widmaier Verlag, Literature, understood here in the narrow sense as belles lettres–hence excluding, for example, religious literature–first emerges on the world scene in Egypt and Mesopotamia, many centuries before appearing anywhere else. The present focus is on Egypt. One often reads that Egyptian literature took off in the early second millennium b.

There is much to be said for this assumption and it has for some time been, and will probably remain, dominant. But in the end, there is no incontrovertible evidence in favor of it, only a rather sizeable set of plausible arguments. Nor is there definite evidence in favor of the existence of Egyptian literature before about B. The two main branches of Egyptian literature are narrative texts and wisdom texts. In addition, there are a number of significant works that belong to neither.

Lingua Aegyptia – Studia monographica 11

A central issue of Egyptological research is the question of dating the original composition of religious or literary texts. Very prominent is a lively debate about the date of composition of a number of literary texts, traditionally dated to the Late First Intermediate Period or the Early Middle Kingdom but known only from New Kingdom manuscripts. Over the last years, several attempts have been made to date the production of some of these texts much closer to their first physical appearance.

More recently the discussion has heated up considerably with contributions that argue for a New Kingdom origin of Merikare, Neferti, and Amenemhet—a reassessment based on conceptions of Egyptian cultural history or on linguistic analysis. On the other hand, there is an equally strong tendency to retain at least the early datings or to propose even earlier ones for some literary and many more religious texts.

on A. Stauder’s evaluation of the dating of Neferty is pre- sented within the g) Neferty resonates with Dynasty XII literary texts. (Eloquent Datierung der älteren ägyptischen Literatur”, in: G. Moers, Dating Egyptian Literary Texts. LingAeg.

Don’t have an account? This introductory chapter discusses briefly the history of the study of Egyptian literature, highlighting how broader developments in the theory of literature have come to be applied within Egyptology, and outlining the significant interpretative issues that still remain. This is particularly acute when studying a civilisation such as Ancient Egypt, with an only fragmentarily preserved literate culture, and no continuous tradition of reception to condition modern engagement with the ancient texts.

The chapter reviews the approaches taken by contributors to the volume, and evaluates how they relate to recent developments in the application of theoretically informed approaches to Egyptian texts. The range of topics covered demonstrates the vitality and diversity of current Egyptological engagement with Ancient Egyptian texts.

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Once More “the Beneficient King”

Sometime after 96 BCE, a man called Isidoros composed four hymns to different Egyptian gods which he had inscribed on the door-jambs of the temple of Isis in Narmouthis, today Medinet Madi, a town in the Fayum. Normally, they were composed in the Egyptian language and written in hieroglyphs. They usually lack an indication of authorship, unless it is graffiti of private individuals who are portrayed speaking the hymns.

The hymns of Isidoros, however, are very different from this common pattern. They do give the name of an author, not a speaker, and they are beautiful official carvings rather than graffiti.

In Dating Egyptian Literary Texts. Moers, Gerald, Widmaier, Kai, Giewekemeyer, Antonia, Lümers, Arndt & Ernst, Ralf Hamburg: Widmaier Verlag.

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Theory and Practice in Ancient Egyptian Literature

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Dating Egyptian Literary Texts. Ed. Moers, G. Hamburg: Widmaier Verlag, , pp. –37 and Stauder, A. Linguistic Dating of Middle Egyptian Literary Texts.


Dating Egyptian Literary Texts


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