Related Along the trail of lions: revisiting Cairo’s historic graves Street Smart: If lions could speak Earlier this month, the images of a sculpture, Masr Tunhud Egypt Rising by artist Ahmed Abdel-Karim, provoked debate on the future of street sculpture in Egypt. Egypt’s street art is a subject that resurfaces on many occasions. Traditional statues of great historical figures adorn public squares, and a number of contemporary works have been added to the city over time. In Cairo only, one can notice that sculptures have become an integral part of public space. Or Egypt’s Renaissance adorning the famous square in Giza? You have to be proud of it. But the artistic reality today testifies to a real crisis, being locked in the classical basis, far from the concepts of modern or postmodern art,” comments Mohsen Ateya, a painter, art teacher and critic. Ateya added that though the sculpture of Egypt Rising has been heavily criticised, it bears little resemblance to the artwork of Mokhtar. In addition, it is impossible to enclose art in strict forms and perspectives. Picasso with Les Demoiselles d’Avignon paved the way for Cubism.

Russia suspends Egypt flights, U.S. boosts security as intelligence points to bomb

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Egypt’s authorities have imposed a travel ban on members of a U.S.-funded pro-​democracy organization, including the son of U.S.

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Donald Trump can ‘probably’ pardon himself over Russia probe but won’t, lawyer Rudy Giuliani says

CAIRO AP — Egyptian fans traveling to watch their soccer team play at the World Cup should lower their expectations about meeting the kind of beautiful Russian women men rave about at home, according to an article published in a Cairo daily that reads like an informal travel advisory. Stereotyping foreign women is widely common among Egyptian men, with those from Russia routinely represented as being blonde, passionate and with athletic bodies. Just as common is the harassment of foreign and local women in Egypt and men bragging about their sexual prowess.

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Street sculpture in Egypt: Art in crisis?

These are external links and will open in a new window. Russia has dropped piracy charges against 30 Greenpeace activists, replacing them with hooliganism charges, according to officials. The new charge has a maximum penalty of seven years rather than Greenpeace says it is still “wildly disproportionate”. Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise vessel was seized by Russian forces as activists tried to scale an offshore oil platform.

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CAIRO Reuters – Many Egyptian viewers were horrified when preacher Hisham el-Ashry recently popped up on primetime television to say women must cover up for their own protection and advocated the introduction of religious police. That an obscure preacher could get publicity for such views was seen as another example of the confused political scene in Egypt since the revolt that toppled Hosni Mubarak gave birth to a cacophony of feuding voices.

Few take Ashry, who admits he flew to the United States dreaming of a Western lifestyle and romance but instead found truth in preaching, seriously. But his views have stirred emotions. With the economic downturn and rising food prices putting pressure on the government, moderate Muslims, Christians and others worry their new-found political freedom is at risk of being exploited by hard-line Islamists bent on imposing their values on a society that has been traditionally moderate.

Watching a recent television interview in which Ashry expounded his ideas on women and sharia law, members of one family jumped to their feet in outrage. Where do you think we live! In a jungle? Or are all men like you, animals, unable to control their instincts?

Photos From a Century of Epidemics

All people on board were killed in what the militants described as revenge for Russian air strikes in Syria that began more than a month ago. While no official investigation has confirmed that claim of responsibility, countries have been cancelling flights and announcing new precautions, leaving tens of thousands of European and Russian tourists stranded at Red Sea resorts. The U.

In , Whittemore was invited to teach a course on ancient Egypt and Greece work and architectural studies overseas (particularly in Russia and Bulgaria). Art: Early Egyptian Monasteries and their Wall-Paintings Dating from the 12th to.

In the clinic the Russian oppositional Nawalny is treated. Doctors of the Berliner Charite assume that the Kremlin critic was poisoned. The Russian oppositional Navalny is treated in the clinic. MOSCOW AP — Russian authorities said Thursday they have found no indication so far that opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s coma, which his allies and German doctors treating him believe may have been brought about by poisoning, was caused by a criminal act.

The statement comes amid growing pressure from the West to investigate the sudden illness of the Kremlin’s fiercest critic and authorities’ apparent reluctance to do so. Navalny, an opposition politician and corruption investigator who is a longtime foe of President Vladimir Putin, fell ill on a flight back to Moscow from Siberia on Aug.

They are yet to identify a specific substance. Found in some drugs, pesticides and chemical nerve agents, cholinesterase inhibitors act by blocking the breakdown of a key chemical in the body, acetycholine, which transmits signals between nerve cells.

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An emergency hospital in Kansas during the influenza epidemic. National Museum of Health and Medicine. By Alan Cowell. LONDON — There are times when the planet resets its course with a cruelty that seems as capricious as it is implacable.

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Sociology Project – Why do Egyptian Men Marry Foreign Women? AUC Students Edition